Ham Culture

How do conserve the sliced ham?

For an optimum conservation of the ham and the organoleptic characteristics we have to keep it in a fresh and dry place. We have to avoid places where there is direct light. The optimum temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees, and far from objects which emit heat. The ham does not be wrapped, we have to let it breathe and sweat
The best option is to put bacon of the same on top of the cut side, thus we avoid the ham to be in contact with the air and to be rusted. Also you might put a cotton cloth on the ham when it is not being cut.
It’s advised to start the ham during the first two months after the purchase and to consume it in one month preferably. Is important to cut only what you consume at that moment because it has better flavour if it is freshly cut. Whereas you don’t consume it all, you can wrap the slices with kitchen paper and keep them into the fridge, remember to take them out about 30 minutes to reach the adequate temperature before you consume them.


Differences between ham and ham shoulder


From the hind legs of the pig. Its length varies between 70 and 90 cm and its weight between 6 and 9 kg, it proportion between fat and bone is lower. Its flavour is slightly softer due to its higher curing time.

Ham shoulder

From the front legs of the pig. Its length is shorter than ham and measures between 60 and 75 cm. Its weight is between 4 and 6 kg. The ham shoulder has lower curing time and higher concentration of fat, thus the ham shoulder meat is usually juicier and tastier than the ham.
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