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At Ibericos Valdelacasa we have three generations dedicated to the care and knowledge of the ham culture. Our animals are raised in our farm El Cerrado de El Chamorrito with a diet rich in Alto Oleico, thanks to this we achieve a flavor and quality very close to acorn-fed pigs. Valdelacasa Iberian hams and shoulders reach the perfect curing in the drying room located in El Repilado, a town next to Jabugo (Huelva, Spain).

Try them and enjoy the divine flavor of our products.

Our products

In our online store you can find our divine cured hams and shoulders hams, whole or sliced.

Ham Culture

The elaboration of Ibéricos Valdelacasa involves 5 different processes. The ham is made only with the hind legs of the pigs, in the cutting, they are peeled and cleaned to start the curing process.

1. The salting

Then the hams are buried in salt to dehydrate and protect them from external agents such as bacteria. This process takes an average of 2 weeks for its flavour to intensify.

2. The washing

At the end of the salting, the legs are washed to remove all the salt.

3. The outline

In the salting process, the legs lose their shape due to stacking, when washing, they are proceed to outline to recover their original shape.

4. The drying

The drying process is the most important in the ham elaboration. They have to be for a period of 45 to 90 days at an accurate temperature and humidity, and that requires a daily control so that the ham does not alter.

5. The curing

When the hams have reached their optimal drying, they are transferred to a cellar to mature, the high oleic ones as well as the acorn ones require more time to cure. The ham shoulders will be between 18 and 24 months and the hams will be between 24 and 36 months depending on the weight of each piece.

How do conserve the sliced ham?

For an optimum conservation of the ham and the organoleptic characteristics we have to keep it in a fresh and dry place. We have to avoid places where there is direct light. The optimum temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees, and far from objects which emit heat.

The ham does not be wrapped, we have to let it breathe and sweat. The best option is to put bacon of the same on top of the cut side, thus we avoid the ham to be in contact with the air and to be rusted. Also you might put a cotton cloth on the ham when it is not being cut. 

It’s advised to start the ham during the first two months after the purchase and to consume it in one month preferably. Is important to cut only what you consume at that moment because it has better flavour if it is freshly cut. Whereas you don’t consume it all, you can wrap the slices with kitchen paper and keep them into the fridge, remember to take them out about 30 minutes to reach the adequate temperature before you consume them.

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